Monday, July 02, 2007

My first run with my new ACL/knee brace. I had to stop a few times to adjust it (trying to find the most comfortable degree of tightness). It's a little heavy and a little akward, but of course I'm not used to wearing anything on my knee. It held my knee in place great and I ran pain free without worrying about my knee twisting. I really noticed the weakness in my left leg while wearing the brace because I felt more comfortable using that leg (whereas I usually favor my right). In addition to the weight of the brace, my left leg was fatiguing quicker than my right.

I realize that this is probably way more detail about my knee than anyone is interested in reading, but I find it helpful to document this stuff so I can remember to talk to my doctor/surgeon/physiotherapist about it later. :)

Hell, I'm just happy to be running.

1 | 9:23
2 | 10:33
3 | 11:08
3.0 miles | 31:05
0.22 mi walking CD | 4:10

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