Sunday, July 30, 2006

I did it. I ran 12 miles. I thought I was going to die, but I did it. It may take 3 days of recovery, but I did it. I ran a very hilly route that I hadn't run before. Lots of rolling hills. Pretty scenery though. My knee and hips are aching. My left hip got pretty tight around 7-8 miles. The first 6 miles were pain-free. A dog came chasing after me and I screamed haha. It's owner was there though, so it was okay.

1 | 9:42
2 | 10:11
3 | 10:18
4 | 10:08
5 | 10:26
6 | 9:45
7 | 10:24
8 | 9:47
9 | 9:58
10 | 10:02
11 | 9:58
12 | 10:23
12.0 miles | 2:01:08 | 10:05 min/mi
0.95 mi walking CD | 16:38

Friday, July 28, 2006

3 easy miles yesterday afternoon on the indoor track. I didn't time them, just listened to my music and ran. Felt good.

I've been trying to get the Asics Foundation VI shoe ordered in at the store where I have a credit but it's becoming such a hassle that I may just blow the credit on $80 worth of running clothes, and buy the shoes at the same place where I bought my current shoes. I need the proper shoe, even if I only have 140 miles or so in my current shoes. I do like my current shoes, but if I need a motion control shoe I supposed I should run in a motion control shoe.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

1 | 9:17
2 | 9:32
3 | 9:26
4 | 9:55
5 | 9:48
6 | 9:40
6.0 miles | 57:41 | 9:37min/mi

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hills, hills, hills

Tonight at running group we did hill intervals. This was supposed to be an easy day for me, as my mileage goes up again this week. BUT. I just felt so good! I just wanted to run, run, run. I'll likely pay for it tomorrow morning during my 6 mile "sorta long run".

1 | 8:28
2 | 8:47
3 | 10:00
0.24 | 2:18
3.24 | 29:35 | 9:07min/mi

after the run I also did:
Crunches w/ legs @ 90 degree angle: 3 x 12
Dumbell curls: 2 x 10/arm @ 17.5lbs
Standing hamstring curls: 2 x 10/leg @ 20lbs
Seated leg extensions: 2 x 10/leg @ 10 lbs
Calf press: 2 x 10/leg @ 10 lbs
Adductors: 3 x 10 @ 90 lbs
Squats on upside down bosu: 3 x 10
Lunges on to bosu: 3 x 10

Saturday, July 22, 2006

We ended up doing 8 miles this morning instead of 7. We were actually going to do 10, but both of us were slugging along. Just like last week, we walked for 1 minute at every mile. Considering the walk breaks, and the stretch break, our pace actually was pretty good. It sure felt slow, though!

1 | 9:28
2 | 10:27
3 | 10:55 (stop for stretch)
4 | 10:29
5 | 10:10
6 | 10:13
7 | 10:32
8 | 9:56
8 miles | 1:22:13 | 10:16 min/mi
0.54 mi walking CD | 10:19

I find running the first couple of miles slower than the rest makes the rest of the run easier. Maybe we should have done that next week. I'll keep it in mind for the.. *gulp*.. 12 miler next weekend. Can I run 12 miles? I don't know, I guess we'll find out!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I skipped my 3 miler last night. That's the first training run I've missed so far, so i'm not too worried. I was going to go running in the morning, but we went out on Wednesday night and didn't get home until late so I slept instead. I've had a stressful week, so I enjoyed the extra rest. This is also a backdown week in my training program, so missing a run this week is perhaps more appropriate than any other week.

I've been feeling tired this week. Not sure if that's because of the 10 miles on Saturday (I don't think so), or a combination of working the 2 jobs, running, and being anxious about a presentation I did on Wednesday. I'm attributing it to my poor eating habits. I'm realizing now, as my runs get longer, that I need to properly fuel myself. I feel better when I eat better. Heck, I'm a student dietitian, I *know* better.

So, starting today, I've began to keep a food log. I find it always keeps me more accountable. My goals are to plan meals in advance so that if I'm working 8-4 and then waitressing in the evening, I don't skip my supper and end up grabbing fast food on the way home. I've been spending entirely too much money on buying lunches as well, simply because I don't leave myself enough time in the morning to make something and bring it with me. A little planning goes a long way! I'll try this for a few days and see how I feel.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


1 | 9:23
2 | 9:41
3 | 9:52
3 miles | 28:57

This morning:
1 | 10:03
2 | 9:34
3 | 9:30
4 | 10:06
5 | 9:09
5 miles | 48:25

Monday, July 17, 2006

Well, the 10 miles sure were interesting!

I ran with one of the girls from running group. At 3.5 miles, we dropped our water belts (which also contained car keys and cell phones). We were running a 5 mile out/5 mile back run on a trail. As we returned to the spot where we had left our belts, we noticed they were not there. We had only passed several bikers on the trail, including one trail police guy who said hello to us as he passed. After combing the area where we left the belts, we gave up and finished off our run, thirsty and hot. Some bikers passed and we asked them if they had seen our belts. They told us the trail police guy had picked them up and asked if they were their's.

In our dehydrated deleriousness, neither of us thought to call my cell phone when we got back to the gym. I called RCMP and city police, but nobobdy knew how to get ahold of the trail police! Finally, we got the bright idea to call my cell repeatedly until whoever had it, answered it. So they answered, I said "Um, hi. This is my phone. Where are you?" and they said they were in Mount Stewart (20 minute drive away). URGH!

So by this time, half the day is gone, we drive to this place and get our stuff and go home.

Why would that guy pick our stuff up? It was obvious that they had just been left, they had ICE in the water! Our *keys* were in them. It wasn't as if we had lost them. And when he passed us, he never even asked if they were ours?

I was so mad!

Anyways. We got the miles in and other than that, it was a good run.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

1 | 10:05
2 | 10:16
3 | 10:33
4 | 10:26
5 | 10:28
6 | 10:57
7 | 10:42
8 | 13:05 (looking for water belts)
9 | 10:29
10 | 9:49
10 miles | 1:46:56 |10:41min/mi

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The shoe seminar last night was great.

Not sure if I mentioned this previously, but the physiotherapist who conducted the seminar was the same guy who I saw for 3 weeks after my initial knee injury.

I was told I have a flatter type foot. I have been denying this for years. "I just have a lower arch" I always say. But no, I have a pretty flat foot. Not completely, but definitely a low arch. He reccommended a motion control shoe and gave me a list of posibilities. I am going to go to Sport Chek this weekend and try on a few different types.

After the seminar, I stayed to ask a few questions. The physio remembered me, and I told him I was back running and had been doing pretty well aside from some mild hip pain. He told me to make an appt. with him and he will give me some hip stretches, get me doing some straight up and down movements on both legs, watch me run and point out my weaknesses, etc. I plan on doing that pretty soon. He is awesome and very helpful.

These are the shoes I think I might try, Asics Gel Foundation:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Last night was 3 miles with the running group. My Garmin didn't lock into a sattelite until about 0.4 miles into our run, so I just estimated a time that I entered into my BTT log. At the half way point we stopped, stretched and then did drills (high knees, butt kicks, tapioca).

Afterwards I did:
Squats on bosu: 3 x 10
Side squats on bosu: 1 x 6/leg
Hip Adductors: 3 x 10 @ 110/110/90 lbs
Leg extensions: 3 x 10 @ 50/50/30 lbs
Seated hamstring curls: 3 x 10 @ 50 lbs
Sit ups on ball: 3 x 15

This morning I ran 5 slow miles.


1 | 10:31
2 | 10:34
3 | 9:51
4 | 9:53
5 | 9:02
5 miles | 49:53 | 9:51min/mi

The running shoe seminar is tonight, I can't wait!

MG - Thanks for the advice. :) I really appreciate your input, you're such an inspiration to me! I may get some gels tonight and try one on my 3 mile run tomorrow.

Mandy - Hi :) You should start a running blog!

Monday, July 10, 2006

I've really got to do something with the layout of this blog, it's so broing that it's driving me nuts.

Today is a rest day. I think I will go to the beach after work and just laze around, maybe go for a swim.

Yesterday I waitressed for 8.5 hours and I am totally counting it as my cross training.

There is a running shoe seminar this Wednesday that my running group is attending. I think it will be very informative. The physiotherapist is going to look at our feet and reccommend a shoe/brand for us. I still have a credit at the place where I bought and then returned a pair of running sneakers last month, so I will probably buy a pair of whatever he reccomends. I'm still getting blisters from my Keyanos but it may also be due to my cotton socks (oops).

This is week #5 of marathon training! We are moving right along! This week's long run is 10 miles. I am so excited to run double digits for the first time ever. :)

I've also made the realizationg that ice and motrin are a godsend. They make all my aches and pains go away.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Today I ran 9 miles, that is the farthest I have ever ran. It went well. I ran in a different area than I usually do, which was refreshing. I wore my new water belt which I like (it's Nike). I ate a rice krispie square at 5 miles (I'm not brave enough for gels just yet), and had no gastric issues. Knee/hip started to hurt at 7-8 miles. I put ice on knee & took motrin afterwards and feels fine now. :)

1 | 10:13
2 | 10:16
3 | 9:47
4 | 9:50
5 | 10:30
6 | 10:35
7 | 9:50
8 | 9:58
9 | 10:14
9 miles | 1:31:20 | 10:09min/mi
0.55 mile walking CD | 9:45

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I ran a little further than I wanted to this morning. I ran a new loop that I hadn't measured, and it ended up being 5 miles instead of 4. So, not only did I run extra, I was also a few minutes late for work. Never the less, my hip was feeling okay. I iced my knee & hip last night, took a couple motrin, and then put some heat on my hip before bed. I took a couple more motrin this morning and so far my hip is feeling better than yesterday. The adductor exercises last night may have been helpful as well.

1 | 10:06
2 | 9:57
3 | 9:25
4 | 8:36
5 | 8:55
5 miles | 47:01 | 9:24min/mi
0.15 mile walking CD | 2:52

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tonight was a fartlek with the running group. Since my hip has been *still* acting weird/hurting (ITBS??), I decided to just take it easy. My intervals got messed up because I forgot to set my Garmin and couldn't hear our leader calling out when we were to speed up/slow down. So this is what I got:

Warm-up: 0.42 miles | 4:16 | 10:19 min/mi
1 minute easy: 0.1 miles | 9:46 min/mi
1 minute faster: 0.14 miles | 8:29min/mi
3 minutes easy: 0.31 miles | 9:50 min/mi
2 minutes faster: 0.23 miles | 8:43 min/mi
5.5 minutes easy: 0.55 miles | 9:53 min/mi
3.5 minutes faster: 0.45 miles | 7:48 min/mi
3 minutes easy: 0.34 miles | 8:47 min/mi
3 minutes faster: 0.38 miles | 7:50 min/mi
1 minute easy: 0.11 miles | 9:11 min/mi
1 minute faster: 0.13 miles | 7:38min/mi
Total: 3.25 miles | 29:17 | 9:01min/mi

Hip adductors: 3 x 15 @ 90/90/100 lbs
Glute kickbacks: 3 x 10/leg @ 50/50/60 lbs
Sumo side squat on bosu: 1 x 10/leg
Squats on bosu: 3 x 10
Lunges on bosu: 3 x 10/leg

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Man, I was slow today. Maybe it was the leg weights on Thursday? My legs felt really heavy but I wasn't out of breath. Meh.

1 | 9:39
2 | 9:38
3 | 9:43
4 | 10:13
5 | 9:11
5.0 miles | 48:25 | 9:41min/mi
0.61 mi walking CD | 10:05