Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back from a one week vacation.

Today: 20km bike (my first ride on my first road bike!) + 5k run

August 5: off - travelling
August 4: 50 min run + 50 min (1000m) swim
August 3: off/30 min hike
August 2: 10km run
August 1: short swim (200-300m)
July 31: 6km run
July 30: 10 minutes stepper + 60 min swim (1200m)
July 29: 5km run

I loooooveee my road bike! I am way less timid than I thought I would be. I quickly mastered the clipless pedals and am making progress with which gears work best with what terrain. My time was slow (55 minutes) but my Garmin died after 10.2km so I may be underestimating how far I went. Oh well, can't wait to go again tomorrow! My legs felt funny when I tried to run right after. 5k in 30 minutes.

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