Thursday, November 12, 2009


THANK YOU mother nature for a wonderful criSp (forgot the "s" yesterday for you observant types ;)) sunny morning again today. Perfect running weather- cool but not cold, pretty coloured autumn leaves, and sunshine! I was smiling at people my whole run who likely thought I was on drugs. :)

1 | 5:53 (will I ever be able to pace my first km correctly? haha)
2 | 6:06
3 | 5:51
4 | 6:07
5 | 6:11
6 | 6:12
7 | 6:15
8 | 6:00
8.0km | 48:34 | 6:04min/km

HRM Stats
517 kcals burned (30% from fat)
MHR 182
AHR 164 (I think this is wrong b/c it said my HR was 180 for he first 5 mins or so of the run which is incorrect)

As an aside, I have NO idea what is up with my appetite. Maybe it's gone since I am not doing very long runs? I normally eat like a champion but I just have had zero interest in food for the past couple of weeks and have felt nauseated often. I have lost a bit of weight, which on top of the weight I had already lost, my clothes have gotten to the ugly baggy stage. Not just the "loose" stage but the "need more than a belt" stage. I'm not complaining but really, I love food and I want to be hungry! I've still been eating lots (um, a whole pineapple since last night) but my body has decided to shed itself. I have ONE pair of jeans that I can wear right now and its because they're the stretchy kind so they at least sort of stick to my legs. I just realized I've lost 15-20 lbs since this time last year. Wow, that's significant. Oh well, guess I'll have to make a few additions to the wardrobe. ;)

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