Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rest day today :) Toooo much studying had to be done before my physiology final this evening.

Since this is my fitness blog, I'd like to take this opportunity to reassess my fitness goals. A lot has changed since I last did this, in fact, I can't remember if I ever did it. Well, here is a list of goals that I wish to accomplish physically within the next few months.

Bench press 60 lbs
Improve my flexibility
Make an honest effort to improve core strength
Try a new exercise at the gym (hack squats? dumbell chest press flyes?)
Do 40-60 mins of cardio at least 5 times a week
Attempt a yoga class

These next few weeks will be challenging. Travelling back and forth to and from Summerside (45 minutes each way) for my internship placement will leave little time to workout. I'll be exhausted from working all day, and will no doubt be working in the early morning hours. I am still contemplating signing up for some classes at Pilates Dynamic Fitness. I don't really have the money to do it, but their class times are much more feasible and I think the classes would help me relax since they are focussed on breathing, fluidity of movement, etc. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow to find out more information. I know they have a student rate, but I still have to pay for gas to S'side and back 5 times a week. Eep. That, and I'll only be working like 1-2 shifts a week at the pool. Oh dear. This math does not add up in my favor!

More on this later. Sleep time.

Okay. I dropped into the pilates place this morning and put my name down for a Friday evening class that will be starting soon. I'm going to start with an Intro mat class. It will probably be insanely easy, but I need to learn correct pilates technique before I can move to a different level. They had beautiful equipment there, body bars, reformers, nice free weights. Small place, but nice. So yeah, I guess I'll start from there and see how it goes.

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