Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day one.

Okay, so yesterday was technically day 1 but it was a rest day, so I will count today as day 1 of marathon training.

It was also day 1 of the running group's summer session! We started off with a full body stretch. It was great, we did a warm up of... not sure what you call it. We ran in pairs at an easy jog and the people from the back sprinted to the front, then the second last people sprinted to the front, etc etc. We also did 30 second intervals of high knees, skips, side strides, running backwards, butt kicks, lunges, and gallops with 30 seconds light jog rest inbetween. After that, we took a short break and those who wanted to did three 30 second hard intervals/30 seconds easy rest. So I did that, naturally. It was raining and warm. Very refreshing.

My sister and I ran for a bit after the group had finished for a total of 3 miles altogether. It was supposed to be 3 easy today, according to Hal's program, but I think this was still okay.

3.0 miles | 29:02 | 9:40min/mi (6.2mph)
0.24 mi walking CD | 4:01

I am getting up early tomorrow to run before work, and then working both of my jobs (12 hour day at least.. blah). My day job tomorrow involved driving 1.5 hours to a school and wearing a mascot costume. Why did I ever say I wanted to be a dietitian? haha j/k

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