Saturday, June 24, 2006

The strangest thing happened last night. I happened to b waiting on an orthopedic surgeon, and he examned my knee for me! He told me that the cartilage had popped out and the tiny ligaments that hold the cartilage together had been torn, but that over time the cartilage had popped back in on it's own and the little ligaments healed. H said my knee is fine now, but I need a 1/4 heal insert in my left heal because my left hip is a little lower than my right. Hence the recent hip pain!

It was really cool, I was grateful for his advice.

7 mile long run today. My GPS did something weird on the first mile.. at about 0.45 miles into my run, the time went back to 0:00, so it says my first mile was 12:00, which is just not possible. I'd approximate it to be similar to mile 2. so I'm changing it here.Also got a really bad side stitch at 4 miles and fought with it for the rest of the run.

1 | 9:38
2 | 9:38
3 | 9:29
4 | 10:28
5 | 9:41
6 | 9:41
7 | 9:35
7.0 miles | 1:08:35 | 9:48min/mi
0.52 mi walking CD | 9:05

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Jessica Deline said...

yay! I'll bet you'll feel much better now with the heal insert!