Sunday, January 31, 2010


Grade 10 science class. The pendulum. That's what I thought about on my run today. Newton's law that "a body in motion stays in motion until met by an opposing force" (or something like that- Grade 10 wasn't yesterday).

I let inertia run its course today (pun intended) by speeding up on decents and accepting the resistence of inclines. The run ended up faster than my usual 6:04 pace partly due to my fun with inertia but also because it was freeeezing! My eyeballs and the corners of my mouth were actually freezing (temperature was feels like -20 Celsius). I felt good so I ran the last couple of kilometers as fast as I felt like going.

Totals this week:

Running: 3 X totalling ~40km (24 miles) [4 hours]
Biking: 3 X totalling 3 hours
Swimming: 2 X totalling 2 hours
Strength: 1 X totalling 1 hour

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BreeWee said...

a body in motion stays in motion, sheeeeeesh, havent heard that since school too! Thanks for the reminder for my next run :)

Happy training and thanks a HEAP for your kind words....
ALL the best,