Sunday, May 14, 2006

4.25 mi | 38:28 | 9:03min/mi (6.6mph)

Edit: I must confess that during this run, I did stop on two occasions. The first, to play with a baby horse for about 20 minutes and the other to talk to my friend Rachel who was out gardening for about 20 minutes. This run was an experiment. I know I feel better after 2 days rest instead of one. So this weekend, I run a 10k on Saturday. I will therefore take Thursday AND Friday off before this race.

Adding to my workout today, I waitressed for 5 hours. It was definitely a full body workout. I basically ran around for 5 hours and lifted 10-30lb trays of lobster and dirty plates.

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Jessica Deline said...

Mmmm... Lobster :)