Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hm. I had written a long winded post on my distaste of Apple's 3rd generation iPod and how I had to return mine because it ceases to function when sweat comes into contact with the headphone control (what's the point?) and how last night I discovered a new gem: the Sandisk Clip which is tiny and black and cute and has a SCREEN and then our new puppy, Sophie, caused a ruckus, my laptop dropped, the screen of death appeared, and foreign noises were emanating from my computer. It was dramatic. I lost my post. But the Dell Inspiron Gods must be wishing me a Merry Christmas becaused I rebooted and everything is seemingly fine. :)

Love it!! At $49.99 (Future Shop) for the 2GB there really is no comparison. I took it for a cruise on my run this afternoon and it worked like a charm. Extremely light weight and easy to control while running!

1 | 5:46
2 | 5:43
3 | 5:46
4 | 5:39
5 | 5:57
6 | 5:54
6.0km | 34:43 | 5:47min/km

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