Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally got my interval workout in today :D

But not before a strange incident at the gym (Nubody's). By way of background, I do have a student membership to my University gym (included in my tuition) but I stubbornly refuse to pay the $150 extra a year necessary to access the treadmills (what a joke!). There is an indoor running track at school but it has an odd measurement (265m inside lane or something like that) so not the best for doing intervals if you're like me and cannot workout and do math at the same time!!

Long story short, when I need to do intervals and the weather is not on my I have been getting a day pass at Nubody's. A full blown membership would not be worth it to me since I use the weights at the University gym and swim, bike, run at school/outside. Simple.

Normally getting a day pass is no biggie. I sign a waiver, pay 10 bucks and off I go. No questions asked. Today was different. Today after I signed the form, a personal trainer walked up to me and asked if Bria was here to see her. Thinking the counter clerk must have misunderstood what I meant by the simple words "day pass", I told the trainer that no, I was just interested in a day pass- not a tour, not a membership, not a plan- just a day pass.

And yet, this woman wants me to "sit down" with her. Y'okay lady, whatever. THEN she asks me a hundred questions about WHY I don't have a gym membership (her questions were to the tune of I do not have one since I do not exercise as much as I should). After rhyming off a bunch of reasons ("I'm running outside v. treadmill this winter but uh, did ya see the ice out there today?!"; "My bf and I have indoor cycling trainers"; "I use the weights at Dal") she was still puzzled as to WHY I did not want a full membership. I told her I don't go to Nubody's enough to make it worth my $40 a month. She was still convinced at this point that I am not committed to fitness. After more explaining, and trying to defend my fitness know-how (in hindsight maybe I should have given her this blog URL) she says to me: "Oh, so you just want a free workout then?". Ummm wha? See the $10 in my hand? I am not trying to swindle anything out of you, I just want to use that treadmill! Right there! Behind you! The one that's sooo close and yet soo far. [okay I didn't say that but those were my thoughts]

Anyways. She explains that it is "open house week" at Nubody's so any Joe Blow off the street can come in and get a free day pass and with that comes some membership banter I guess. She asks what my "next competition" is and I tell her a duathlon in Phoenix next weekend. I train 10 hours a week while going to law school full time so bite me. She finally gives me the nod and is swayed that I "know what I'm doing" (most people she says, come in once, don't know what to do and never come back).

Well lady, I am not most people. Thanks for the 40 minute treadmill run, hot shower, and free pass. Don't be so quick to judge next time.

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