Sunday, March 21, 2010

My body ate some lactic acid for lunch today! Another awesome workout where everything just went right. The sun was shining, temperature was perfect, and I just felt like going and going. :) Perfect day for a brick workout! And why not throw some hills in too? I was mentally prepared for 18km, but schedule said 14km, sooo I split the difference and did 40 minutes w/u on the bike + 80 mins run (14km).

40 Minutes Spinervals Endurance Booster (15 mins steady state + 15 x 1 min alternating high resistence/low cadence and high cadence/low restistence + recovery)

I had the pleasure of running with GPS today! It's been almost a month now since by 305 bit the dust. Mark was working so I borrowed his- maybe running without a GPS has been good for me because I was cruising relative to my old 'easy' pace. There is a lot to be said about just listening to your body and going with how you FEEL rather than what a watch is beeping at you.

1 | 5:36
2 | 5:26
3 | 5:30
4 | 5:28
5 | 5:32
6 | 5:47 (hills started here :))
7 | 5:53
8 | 6:07
9 | 5:43
10| 5:46
11| 5:49
12| 5:48
13| 5:33
14| 5:51
14.0km | 1:19:56 | 5:43min/km

It feels sooo good to be back to a point where I am not rehabbing my knee but actually working on speed!! My legs felt really strong today, even when I hit the big hill at 7km. My body munched on that lactic acid and there was no puking! Not even close. Felt great.

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