Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today was long run day. It was windy so we figured running on the rails to trails would be a good idea (sheltered). Well, yes, it WAS sheltered but the terrain really soft. A la quick sand. My Garmin, as I mentioned, is still not working (we concluded the lithium battery is dead and unfortunately these are not user replaceable) so plan was Mark would stick a Sharkies wrapper under a rock at 9km so I would know when to turn around. I ran out to what *I* thought was 9km, didn't see anything and figured Mark must have forgotten the game plan, so I turned around. Apparently he didn't forget, and I turned around a bit early haha oops! I had to stop regardless because I had to pee SOO bad. That was the first time I have peed in the woods since picking strawberries with my grandmother when I was a child. I feel more like a 'real runner' now ;)

Total = 17km?? in 1:50!!! yikes slloowww molasses!!

And some nice GI problems to top off this less than stellar run. No one to blame but myself on that front. Note to self: salad the night before a long run + 2 cups of coffee that morning + berries & granola as 'lunch' 1/2 hour before + Sharkies & Gatorade during = trouble.

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