Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Lake swim with Lisa. My third trip to Lake Charles where the triathlon takes place on Sunday. We tried to swim out to a buoy but waters were choppy. We made it 3/4 of the way then turned and swam to a dock, then back to shore. We then practiced more sighting by swimming to a rock on the other side of the lake, then another rock, and another, and suddenly we were just about at the buoy we were trying to swim to in the first place. We then swam back into shore (maybe 150-200m). I felt much better about swimming in the lake and about sighting after this trip. I think I will swim there again tomorrow and maybe Friday. I started to relax and enjoy myself once we had been in the water for a while. Great to have a swimming buddy at the same level as me!


1 | 5:50
2 | 6:13
3 | 6:22
4 | 6:16
5 | 6:02
6 | 6:44
7 | 6:07
8 | 6:37
9 | 6:23
10| 6:35
10.0km | 1:03:14 | 6:19min/km

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