Thursday, July 13, 2006

The shoe seminar last night was great.

Not sure if I mentioned this previously, but the physiotherapist who conducted the seminar was the same guy who I saw for 3 weeks after my initial knee injury.

I was told I have a flatter type foot. I have been denying this for years. "I just have a lower arch" I always say. But no, I have a pretty flat foot. Not completely, but definitely a low arch. He reccommended a motion control shoe and gave me a list of posibilities. I am going to go to Sport Chek this weekend and try on a few different types.

After the seminar, I stayed to ask a few questions. The physio remembered me, and I told him I was back running and had been doing pretty well aside from some mild hip pain. He told me to make an appt. with him and he will give me some hip stretches, get me doing some straight up and down movements on both legs, watch me run and point out my weaknesses, etc. I plan on doing that pretty soon. He is awesome and very helpful.

These are the shoes I think I might try, Asics Gel Foundation:

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