Saturday, July 08, 2006

Today I ran 9 miles, that is the farthest I have ever ran. It went well. I ran in a different area than I usually do, which was refreshing. I wore my new water belt which I like (it's Nike). I ate a rice krispie square at 5 miles (I'm not brave enough for gels just yet), and had no gastric issues. Knee/hip started to hurt at 7-8 miles. I put ice on knee & took motrin afterwards and feels fine now. :)

1 | 10:13
2 | 10:16
3 | 9:47
4 | 9:50
5 | 10:30
6 | 10:35
7 | 9:50
8 | 9:58
9 | 10:14
9 miles | 1:31:20 | 10:09min/mi
0.55 mile walking CD | 9:45

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mg said...

Hey Bria, just wanted to say "nice job" with your running lately and congrats on the long run PR! One of my favorite things about training for my first marathon was reaching new distances each week. Lucky you that the rice krispie square worked out; my first attempt to eat while running went poorly. Gels aren't so bad, but it is kind of trial and error to find one that's good. My first gel was pretty nasty; if you do want to try them I'd recommend starting on a short run in case it's gross or doesn't work well for you. Good luck!