Friday, July 28, 2006

3 easy miles yesterday afternoon on the indoor track. I didn't time them, just listened to my music and ran. Felt good.

I've been trying to get the Asics Foundation VI shoe ordered in at the store where I have a credit but it's becoming such a hassle that I may just blow the credit on $80 worth of running clothes, and buy the shoes at the same place where I bought my current shoes. I need the proper shoe, even if I only have 140 miles or so in my current shoes. I do like my current shoes, but if I need a motion control shoe I supposed I should run in a motion control shoe.


she's so lame said...

hey bria, i just have a few questions for ya!

still training at AFC? or are you at the UPEI gym?

actually...that's the only question! i just want to say your blog is an inspiration. i've been out of running for far too long. i don';t know where my passion for it went...but i've since joined up for a summer soccer rec league, and doing more runs at the gym. i hope to get back where i was and beyond! thanks for the motivation!!!

Bria said...

Aww Hey Janelle, thanks! I let my AFC membership expire, because I really like UPEI's new gym. Much nicer weights and stuff. A rec soccer league would be so much fun, that would definitely help with getting back into your running shape. I bet there is lots of running clubs in Calgary? Lots of road races too I bet!