Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I ran a little further than I wanted to this morning. I ran a new loop that I hadn't measured, and it ended up being 5 miles instead of 4. So, not only did I run extra, I was also a few minutes late for work. Never the less, my hip was feeling okay. I iced my knee & hip last night, took a couple motrin, and then put some heat on my hip before bed. I took a couple more motrin this morning and so far my hip is feeling better than yesterday. The adductor exercises last night may have been helpful as well.

1 | 10:06
2 | 9:57
3 | 9:25
4 | 8:36
5 | 8:55
5 miles | 47:01 | 9:24min/mi
0.15 mile walking CD | 2:52

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