Monday, July 17, 2006

Well, the 10 miles sure were interesting!

I ran with one of the girls from running group. At 3.5 miles, we dropped our water belts (which also contained car keys and cell phones). We were running a 5 mile out/5 mile back run on a trail. As we returned to the spot where we had left our belts, we noticed they were not there. We had only passed several bikers on the trail, including one trail police guy who said hello to us as he passed. After combing the area where we left the belts, we gave up and finished off our run, thirsty and hot. Some bikers passed and we asked them if they had seen our belts. They told us the trail police guy had picked them up and asked if they were their's.

In our dehydrated deleriousness, neither of us thought to call my cell phone when we got back to the gym. I called RCMP and city police, but nobobdy knew how to get ahold of the trail police! Finally, we got the bright idea to call my cell repeatedly until whoever had it, answered it. So they answered, I said "Um, hi. This is my phone. Where are you?" and they said they were in Mount Stewart (20 minute drive away). URGH!

So by this time, half the day is gone, we drive to this place and get our stuff and go home.

Why would that guy pick our stuff up? It was obvious that they had just been left, they had ICE in the water! Our *keys* were in them. It wasn't as if we had lost them. And when he passed us, he never even asked if they were ours?

I was so mad!

Anyways. We got the miles in and other than that, it was a good run.

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Jessica Deline said...

What a hassle with your stuff! Yeah.. I don't know why they would have not just left it alone... Glad you got a good 10-miler in!