Thursday, April 13, 2006

4 miles "easy"

My legs were tired from yesterday's intervals. I figured 4 easy miles would be 10min/mi but I guess not! My knee was sore, but after a mild crunch it was okay- just needed to be cracked I guess. Never the less, tomorrow is a rest day, and then it's the race.

I ran in shorts today. I love that. The trail isn't even muddy or anything since we had hardly any snow this winter and everything is dried up.

My Garmin has finally recalculated my HR zones according to my performance on the runs it has recorded. They seem more realistic now. I didnt understand how I should be running at a HR under 150. Maybe some day, but usually when I'm walking fast my HR is like 140-145bpm. All in good time.

1 | 10:06 | 10:07min/mi | Avg HR 157bpm
2 | 20:18 | 10:12min/mi | Avg HR 171bpm
3 | 30:48 | 10:29min/mi | Avg HR 175bpm
4 | 41:28 | 10:40min/mi | Avg HR 178bpm
4.0 miles | 41:28 | 10:22min/mi | Avg HR 170bpm
0.53 mi walking cooldown | 8:51 | 3.6mph | Avg HR 147mph

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