Monday, April 10, 2006

Tempo run

1 | 8:57 | Avg HR 162bpm
2 | 9:16 | 18:14 | Avg HR 178bpm
3 | 8:59 | 27:13 | Avg HR 182bpm
3.1 | 0:49 | 28:03 | Avg HR 188bpm
3.1 miles | 28:03 | 9:02 min/mi (6.6mph) | Avg HR 174bpm

0.47 mile CD (walking.. last half with the dogs) | 8:25 | 17:55 min/mi (haha)

Now, THAT was more like a time trial for me, rather than that 9:16min/mi pish posh from last Thursday. There were even a few hills on this route (see screen shot).

So Saturday is the big race. I say "big" because I've never ran a 10km race before. I suppose I should make some sort of time goal.. my goal is actually to a) get to the race without having my knee crap out this week and b) finish the race without my knee crapping out. I've been taking my glucosamine and chondroitin, hopefully things will pan out. I hear the course is relatively fast, I do know there's one long hill in the first half, but you get to cruise down it coming back. According to MacMillan running calculator and my 5k time from today, I should be able to do the 10km in 58:16 (9:22 min/mi). I'll aim for somewhere around there but since I've never raced this distance, I think I'll aim for 10 min miles until I get to the top of that hill and then "haul ass" as my sister would say, down the hill.

My ideal, super duper, "I would consider myself my own idol", goal for the end of the summer is to run a 25 minute 5km. That means shaving 3 minutes off todays time. Shaving off 1 minute per mile. I think if I keep up the interval stuff and the miles, I can do it. And boy, would that be a feat.

I'm clearly procrastinating. Clinical nutrition, here I come!

Sorry for the babbling to those who read this.... I blame the runner's high.

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