Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My weight routines have been pretty disorganized lately. I am going to change things up, I think a 2 day split would be most feasible for me right now. Running outdoors is awesome, but if means I don't go to the gym as often and therefore don't lift weights as often. I am at the University gym Wed & Saturdays for running club so lifting weights after those runs is also an option. I think I will try a 3 day split, and if it doesn't pan out, I can move to a 2 day split.

Day I - Chest & Back
Bench Press
Chest flyes on stability ball
Lat Pulldown
Seated Rows
Crunches w/ medecine ball on the stability ball
Stability Ball Passes

Day II - Legs
Leg Extensions
Calf press on a step
Walking Lunges
Standing Hamstring Curls
Plie squats
Hip Adductions & Abductions
Weighted Side Bends

Day III - Shoulders & Arms
Dumbell shoulder press on stability ball
Upright Rows
Rear Lat Raises/Rear Lat Row (forget if the gym has one of these machines)
Tricep Kickbacks
Skull Crushers
Dumbell Curls
Concentration Curls
Twisted Incline Situps
Lever Crunches

As well, since I am in prime procrastination mode right now, the road runners just released their 2006 race schedule, so here is a list of races I hope to run this spring/summer/fall.

March 18th (Saturday) - St. Paddy's Day 5K
April 15th - Dairy Queen Bunny Hop 10K
May 6th - Proude's Shoes 5K
May 20th - Colonel Gray SAAD Run 10K
June 3rd - PEI Parks Trail Run 10K
June 24th - Deltaware Systems 5K
August 5th - Mt Edward Grocery 5 Mile Run
August 18th - Gold Cup 5K Trot
Sept 9th - Banks Financial Group Inc. 5K Charity Fun Run
October 15th - PEI Marathon??? I'm hymming and hawing, we'll see how my knee holds up. It is the day before my birthday and I always wanted to run a marathon before I turned 21........

So that looks like a lot of races, but they're all small so it's okay. :)

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