Monday, March 27, 2006

outside | 4.25 miles | 40:22 | 9:30 min/mi (6.3mph)

3 degrees, feels like -2, winds 24 km/hr with gusts 37km/hr

I will consider this a tempo run since I was running with my sister whose pace is a bet faster than mine (at times..). It was windy, and there were 2-3 long hills on this route. One was grotesque. I never noticed how hilly it was around here until I started running again!

Sister and I are both unhappy that we were so slow. I felt good on the hills, I kept my pace .. sped up even.

I hope the Garmin will help me work on speed, I'm sure it will. I can't wait to try the interval work outs and design some of my own. C'mooonnn Garmin, hurry up and get here!

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